How Do You Prepare In The Wait?

Stay focused.

These two words were heavy on my mind Sunday evening.

While spending time with family, I made the decision to do laundry.

I figured “Why not? I only have two loads. I can wash, dry, fold, and store my clothes away before bed.”

After a while, Family Time was over, I did every thing but put my clothes away.

Can’t blame a girl for binge watching reruns of CSI: Miami with her parents?

I looked down at my phone and noticed there was still enough time to do just that, put my clothes away.

As I entered my bedroom, I caught a glimpse of my hair in the mirror.

It was wild 😄

Like, cray cray on the millionth level!

I’d already set a goal for myself the following day would be spent resting since I took vacation time away from work.

In my mind, I couldn’t get past the thought of how wild my hair was and it needed to be done that evening to fully enjoy a day of rest.

Glancing around my bedroom I noticed my hair supplies on a dresser.

I placed down my freshly folded shirt on the bed and went to grab every necessary supply to start my hair process.

Im talking about combs, brushes, leave-in conditioners, oils, and my faithful mirror to make sure my hair would be perfect!

I had every thing I needed and was ready to tame my mane when the Holy Spirit hit me with the following:

Stay focused. Work on one thing at a time. Complete one task at a time. Then, when it’s time to start anew you won’t have to worry about what’s undone, you’ll be fully prepared for what’s to come.

Now, of course, I decided to stop trying to work on my hair.

I dropped those supplies with a quickness and made the decision to store my clothes away!

I’d never felt so liberated by completing such a simple task.

Then, I proceeded to tackle my hair.

Throughout the entire process, I began to think about all of the things in life I’ve started and stopped only because I was attracted to something else.

I believe the current season we are in is a time of preparation to receive boldness and confidence in who God’s called us to be.

Yet, I believe it’s so important for us to manage the time we have and receive wisdom from God on how we need to embrace for what’s to come.

Because this is a season of preparation in purpose, the enemy is going to give everything he has to steal, kill, and destroy what God desires for our lives.

In John 10:10, the Bible states the thief’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. My purpose (Jesus) is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

How are you choosing to manage time?

What are the things in your life right now that’s been distracting you from purpose?

Honey Bunches, say it with me, “Stay Focused!

There will be people and opportunities to come our way to distract us from what we need.

My prayer is for us to not fall for attraction; instead, we will seek God before choosing to move.

Purpose Nuggets!

Stay focused. Work on one thing at a time. Complete one task at a time. Then, when it’s time to start anew you won’t have to worry about what’s undone, you’ll be fully prepared for what’s to come.

Honey Bunches, let’s remain focused to finish this season strong because we know greater is coming soon.

There’s a victory attached to our obedience!

Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Harold Jackson

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